Monday, January 28, 2008

Building Bridges

In the past few days, I have been in a few conversations with individuals on a blog and the discussion is based on fighting the good fight and evangelism.

We disagree on the process.

To me, there are at least three different kinds of Christian witness. They are the following:

- testimony
- dialogue
- hospitality

Testimony is where we have the opportunity and take the opportunity to share with them the "good news". I am going to do this in a very simple term and that would be the following: pointing to Jesus as the author of our faith and the Lord of our life. I am not going to argue what key words need to be in the testimony.

Dialogue is where we honestly, openingly and respectfully engage with that individual and we hear each others stories and we do this in the effort that we might both understand each others traditions and background more thoroughly. I know that there are a lot of people that are uncomfortable with this because they are only concerned with their way.

Hospitality is where we share with one another and we do this through an act of grace. I believe that hospitality can be one of the most effective forms of witness. This is a witness that can build bridges; no matter how big the gap is between us.

Later on, we will take a look at the bullhorn approach.


Aaron G said...

I think all three of those categories are good, and all have their place. Another category to add would be lifestyle.(Mat. 5:14-16. I know from experience that nonbelievers watch professing Christians very closely.
I saw the blog post you were talking about, and all I can say is that it gave me a headache.



Jeff Greathouse said...


I agree whole-heartly with lifestyle evangelism being extremely important.

It also makes us not "compatementalize" our lives. I think that we make a big mess when we do that.

I have received messages from others who got a headache from the post and refuse to comment because of the tone there.

That is where I wish more "dialogue" could take place.

I would love to hear more oyou from lifestyle evangelism and how that plays out in your life.

Some of it for me can be found in the label: WWJDWTC

Aaron G. said...

I think that lifestyle evangelism can be as simple as
taking the time to listen to somebody

picking up trash at your favorite state park

not talking bad about someone at work when its the popular thing to do

carrying in the groceries for your neighbor

Truthfully it hasnt been playing out in my life enough lately.