Friday, January 25, 2008

Rising From Ashes

I just finished reading Rising From Ashes: Retinking Church by Becky Garrison. I think that Becky has a brilliant mind and a great writer. However, if you are looking for her words, this book is not for you.

However, she took on a wonderful task and brought the book together by doing numerous interviews with "emergent" leaders and brought them together in a nice package. The intervies were in various forms: emails, im's, phone and in person.

Listed below will be some (not and exhaustive list) of individuals and then the topics that she grouped them into. The book is a great book to paint you a picture of what is occurring and what a lot of people are thinking and doing it.

I am sure that if you are "against" anything emergent than you will have a field day tearing the book apart and painting a bad picure of what is going on in nuerous churches and communities around the world.


Jonny Baker
Nadia Bolz-Webber (sarcastic lutheran)
Shane Clairborne
Isacc Everett (wow)
Tony Jones
Brian McClaren
Stephanie Spellars
Phyliss Tickle
Karen Ward
N.T. Wright
and much more ....

The Topics

1. Where Are We Now
2. The Gospel of the Kingdom
3. Hospitality to the Stranger
4. Forming Christian Community
5. Leading as Body of Christ
6. Lift Up Our Voices
7. Transforming Spaces
8. Medling Ancient Spiritual Practives with the Modern Culture
9. Do Unto Others
10. Moving Forward

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