Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now, that was a lot of walking .....

Well, since I have been wearing a pedometer, yesterday was my biggest day of walking. After Monday's night meeting, I had decided that I was going to purposely walk and try to clear my mind. I think that it worked. As I walk to the Free Clininc, I decided to try to reach a "big goal". I did reach it. Here are the numbers:

70,109 steps
33.17 miles
10 hours and 12 mins of on my feet moving


Anonymous said...

Go you! My own approach to stress is chocolate. This season gives me lots of options - by the bag. And if you are walking that much, I imagine you can eat as much chocolate as you want!

Jeff Greathouse said...


when i do walkthat much, yes, i am free game for eating what i want ..

after the dreadful 8 pm time slot

i had the following:

bagel sandwhich
arby's beef and cheddar

the tough part is stilleating that way and not walking .. that is when pounds can add on quickly

the stress is less and i am trying to avoid it today :) ... so today is clean the office a little and find my desk and floor space ..

Anonymous said...

Jules here -

Did I read that right - you went 33 miles in 1 day? HOLY-COW-A-MIA! :)