Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day at the Pool

Jacob is now on the swim team and this was his first meet. He swam in 4 events today. There was a total of 89 events. He swam in the following:

8, 18, 44 and 88

He did very well. I was proud of him. He did not win but he finished each race and finished them with determination. To me, his biggest accomplishment was his 200m freestyle event. He was not scheduled to swim it. A teammate did not make it and they inserted Jacob into the event. He never swam 200m before in his life. Yet, he got up the block and did it.

He was also part of 2 - 200m relays. He did the back in the medley and he participated in the free as well. His other solo event was the 50m fly.

Later in the week, I may post his 200m race. I do not expect anyone to watch it. It will be for our memory of his first ever swim meet and his first ever solo race - a 200m that he was scheduled to do.

We are "newbees" to this sport. We met at the high school at 11 am and drove over to Louisville, Ohio for the event. We arrived at about 12:15 and settled in and they warmed up. The event lasted from 1:00 - 4:20. Then the travel home.

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