Monday, October 27, 2008

An Internal Struggle

Today as been a battle for me. If I am to be completely honest, the last two months have been a battle on where I am at inregards to our Sunday morning schedule discussion.

Here in 98 minutes, we will be entering into another round of discussions. I am feeling sick and my stomache is turning and there is more to it then the white chili that I had for lunch.

So, when it is my turn to speak and council looks to me for my words of guidance and direction on this topic, will they like what I have to say ? Of course, maybe the more appropriate question at the present time is "what am I going to say?".

Yes, this issue in my mind should have been put to bed long time ago and it should be "polished" and I should be going in there "to close the deal". However, the turning in my stomache is saying, "no, don't make the hard sell".

For you see, the proposal rhat I am "scheduled" to make from most peoples standpoint is one that I am not sure that I can fully support and encourage. Now, don't get me wrong, if the council decides we need to go in that direction, I will work my "you know what off" to accomplish it and make the situation the best it can be ...

HOWEVER .... I think that from a family ministry aspect, we will be making a few mistakes and the mistakes may "haunt" us for years to come.

I am reminded of the following quote:

You can add without attracting attention; but you cannot subtract without attracting attention.

One of the aspects that I believe is useful to do when you are managing change is the following:

prune quickly, plant slowly

We are not doing that. I am not 100% sure how we could do that in our current situation. Yes, I do have a few thoughts ... BUT .....

Begin with the End in Mind

We need to do this, I am not sure that this will occur though.

Well, I have to wrap it up because we leave for church notes in 5 minutes.

My final point will be this:

a better path is to be strategic, however, I am afraid that we might slip into a "whatever" approach.

here we go .....

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