Monday, October 06, 2008

Church on Soccer Sidelines

This past weekend, I was up on the soccer fields as I watched Isaiah's soccer team lose a close game 2-1. As I sat there, I had a group of ladies from Orville sitting behind me. They were soccer moms and the moms of the team members that Isaiah's team was playing.

I entered into the conversation a little (when it had to do with our coach) but for the most part, I just listened in on the conversation. I was not really trying to listen in BUT they were right behind me and were a little loud, so it was tough not to.

If I had the opportunity though, I would have entered into the conversation and gave them a word of encouragement and told them "this is church".

For you see, the conversations and the actions of these ladies were church. They embodied in their conversation and action what church is about. Yet, a few were "down" a little because they had not been to church. I wanted to turn around and share with them that what they were doing was "more church" then what occurs in "church" on most Sunday's.

These ladies displayed great compassion. They were encouraging and lifting each other up. They collected money to give a mom who could not do a doc co-pay and they were sharing how they are "implementing" values/virtues into their children and they were sharing scripture and the implication that they were having on their family life.

To me, it was beautiful.

I guess, this is a little of my frustration going to with "church beyond the walls". We need to encourage and empower people and realize the great things the church is doing outside of the walls, even on soccer sidelines on Saturday afternoon.

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Cindy said...

great observation. yes! that is church. i feel so strongly about the guilt the church imposes upon folks. it just shouldn't be. it shouldn't be.