Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meeting on Homelessness

Tomorrow morning, I am going to be going to a breakfast and a forum meeting on "Homelessness in Wayne County".

I am looking forward to the meeting.

The reason for the "excitement" is that I am wanting to get a better grasp on the homeless situation in the county that I live in and to make connection with individuals who want to help solve the problem.

At times, I am in meetings an wonder if what we are talking about will really make any difference. This meeting, I believe will be different. I will be in a meeting, networking and gathering information that will help me be proactive in helping and assisting in a situation that is close to my heart.

Also, I am looking forward to grabbing the information and the ideas and bringing it back to the church and making a presentation on "how we can make an impact on the homeless in our community".

On a side note, I have a few other meetings tomorrow. I will share about those after they have occurred. I will definitely give an update on my early morning meeting.


Alan Knox said...

Awesome! I can't wait to hear about your meeting. You should think about posting your meeting update as part of Blog Action Day tomorrow (10/15/08) because the topic is "Poverty".


Amy said...

You're awesome, Jeff! Go get 'em!

Jeff Greathouse said...


After my ministry meeting that we are having, dealin with job descriptions, I will try to get a post out on the subject and place it in the Action Day Post.

I am "madder" then HELL


Thanks. I am going to do. I have to do something. I am sick to my stomache.

HOWEVER, there are some great agencies in our community that are working their butts off.