Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pulling My Hair Out

Yesterday was a very long day and at 10 pm when I walked into the doors of my house, I wanted to pull my hair out. It has been 10 hours since I have walked in the door and even after a decent night of sleep, I am in shock and disbelief over what occurred yesterday.

I am not going to "expose" all the dirty laundry from the meetings but I will just say that I was very disappointed. The reason for my disappointment is that I believe 100% that there is majority consensus maybe even unamious consensus from Council on the decision that needs to be made .... but yet ... no decision and another meeting on the table for Oct. 27th.

My fear is that in the end, we are going to suffocate the issue and it is going to be dead and in the end, we have WASTED numerous hours of peoples time for NOTHING.

Here is another thing that is driving me NUTS and I know some of it is just "my problem". But let me share it with you. I am in a constant struggle with the issues of the world and the issues of the church. With my work in the community, I see the need and struggle that is out in our community: poverty, homelessness, lack of education, health care issues and more. I like trying to help and assist in these community issues and then ..... yesterday, I spent 4+ hours in meetings at church about job descriptions and what time will our worship services be.

DON'T GET ME WRONG ..... those are issues and discussions and decisions that need to be made. HOWEVER, can we move on and focus on people and the issues of our community. We have a great opportunity to make a difference. We can influence the lives of the people and we can impact the community.

BUT, I am afraid we will never get to tackling these issues and when we get to heaven, what a conversation with God it will be .....

Yes, God, I know that we did not do anything about empowering parents to teach their children and we let our city go to hell in a handbasket BUT we did get a building up after 5 years of planning and we finally made a decision on worship times.

Now, that is something to get excited about.

To my church family that reads this, if this is offensive, please come and chat with me. We have the opportunity to quickly make the decisions that are facing our congregation and then move on to make an impact in our community. We can do it.

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