Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Medical Clinic

A few times, I have mentioned that we have a free medical clinic in our community. The name of our clinic is called Viola Startzman Free Clinic . They do tremendous work and I applaud them for all the work that they do. I go up there about 3x a month and help them with filing their charts and shredding the meical papers that need to be destroyed. By me and other individuals going up there and doing that, it frees up the personel to focus on the patients and provide the care that they need.

Today, I had the opportunity to combine the Kids Care Club and the Free Clinic. Last month, I began a Kids Care Club in Wooster. They are a fantastic organization and I strongly encourage you to check them our.

Kids Care Club follows the very simple motto:

We believe that kids are empowered by their contribution to the world around them and that service is a natural way for young people to assert their positive qualities. By serving others, kids develop compassion and establish connections with people of diverse cultures and economic situations. Volunteering helps kids develop positive self-esteem and learn valuable life lessons.
Youth volunteering:

Promotes a healthy lifestyle and choices – Kids who volunteer are less likely to become involved in at-risk behaviors.

Enhances development – Volunteering heightens psychological, social and intellectual development and growth.

Teaches life skills – Volunteering stimulates skills needed for a productive adulthood, including responsibility for tasks. Children learn punctuality, cooperation, tolerance, problem solving and teamwork.

Improves the community – Kids have the opportunity to be resources and contributors to their communities.

Encourages a lifelong service ethic – Kids who volunteer early learn the importance of service and have a higher chance of continuing to volunteer later in life.

This month, our focus was Party Pals. We had our club meeting and we talked and learned about giving and we decided that we were going to throw a party and at the party we would collect gifts and those gifts would be used for the clinic. The more items that are donated to the clinic, the less they will have to buy and that frees up more money for patient care.

Here are some photos from the party and us at the car (loaded up) and in the clinic boardroom with the supplies that we donated to the clinic:

These are the nights that I love. Helping kids catch the spirit of volunteering and us doing something tangible that will make a difference in our community. My dream and vision is that we can do more ministry in this fashion.

We can make a difference in our community and we can tackle the big problems that our town face.

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