Friday, December 01, 2006

Mid-West Snowstorm

We have seemed to miss the storm. However, some of our friends to the west of us did not get sparred. The above photo is from Missouri.

I have to admit, I am very thankful that we did not get it. The wind is blowing like crazy though and the occasional hard sleet/snow is nasty. The reason: I am headed to Ft. Wayne ( 2 1/2 hours away ) in about 4 hours. This is a fellowship event for The Journey.

Tonight should be a fun night. We are going to the Winter Wonderslam Tour. This is a 'slammin' tour with TobyMac, Hawk Nelson, The Afters, Family Force 5, and Ayiesha.

Anyone ready for some slam dancin' ?


PA said...

Man, I saw that and went... was that Lafayette? Holy cow! I'm just happy that wasn't you. Enjoy the wind though. :)

Wave_Lenghts said...

nah, not lafayette ... we had friends family traveling from MO though .. so that is what they were up against ..


PA said...

I'm not an expert on your neck of the woods, but I don't think you get the lake effect like Michigan City, Valpo, or South Bend. My friends who went to Purdue just described winters as "a cutting wind."