Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It Is Not About Me

I know that it is not about me. But, for the first time in a long time ... I am struggling with it. I think that with God's help and a tremendous group of leaders that a fantastic ministry was put into place at Discovery. A great theme and vision was laid. There were a lot of great strides that were taken and there were leaps and bounds of growth that took place in the lives of the students while I was there.

When I left, I worked tirelessly to ensure that the ministry would grow and flourish w/o me because I always pointed them to God and we did ministry as a team. In fact, I had curriculum in place for the entire year, so the leaders and the new ym that came in would not have to worry about it.

Well, the new guy is in and everything is gone. the ministry name, a lot of the leaders, the theme of the room, the vision ... it is all gone. So, I sit struggling with ... was it worth it ? what was the point of that work ?

In my heart, I know that the things that I did and the peoples lives I invested/impacted did make a difference. I know that it is not about me but it is about God. But I hurt.

I pray that what the new guy is attempting to do will be successful. I pray that the ministry will flourish.

from the whispers that I hear, I am not sure but the whispers I am giving back is that God is in control and we as humans can not see the big picture.

Then of course, I am on the other end as well. I am the new guy and what are individuals doing/saying about the ministry changes occurring.

the things that we wrestle with sometimes when we should all just be pointing to God.

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Roy said...

thank you Jeff, appreciated this post