Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Boiler Up !!

Tonight was a very good night. Earlier today, I was in my office and a gentleman came into my office and asked me if I liked basketball. I said, "yes". He then asked me if I was free tonight. I went, "yup, nothing on the docket". So, he handed me two tickets to the Purdue game tonight.

They were playing no one tonight ( sorry, Wagner ). But, I got to take Isaiah to the game tonight. He is an absolute blast to take to games. Our seats were in section 1 -almost mid-court ( about 17 rows from the court ). I will have to put pics up later .. a few good ones.

Have a great night.


The Journey said...
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Deneice said...

Okay...now that this will post under my name!

I got to see a game when I live there. It was great!

Wave_Lenghts said...

thanks for surfing by ;)