Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Greyhound Ride

Well, the bus trip was pretty much uneventful. There were three small "instances" that I will share with you. There are definitely some interesting charachters that you meet and have the potential to meet - especially ay the 2:30 - 4:00 am lay-over in Nashville.

# 1 - Bus driver, please stay on the road. I had just fallen asleep - a HUGE accomplishment and heard a grinding sound. The driver of the bus at went off the road - and we hit the bumps. He overcompensated when getting back on to the road - it was quite of a jolt. After a few yells from the bus .. things quieted back down and I went back to zzzzzzz land.

# 2 - Please Watch the Kid. A parent was traveling with their youngster. The kid was out cold. So, dad put him on top of the duffle bag - pillow under the head and blanket over top of him - it was freezing in the waiting room ( bus terminal 0. All was god until Mr. Idiot wasn't paying attention is kicked and then tripped over the kid. The kid awoke to a horrific scream. He did settle down into dads lap rather quickly. If I was dad, I would have kicked the **** out of Mr. Idiot.

# 3 - No Mr. Geography, Birmingham does not have an abundance of Palm Trees. I am on the bus and the guy next to me is chatting up a storm. He is asking me where I was headed. I told him .. Birmingham, Al. he goes on a 10-minute tirade about how he loves the palm trees in B'ham. I just looked at hime dumb-founded. finally, I stopped him and said, " dude, there are no palm trees ". he did not believe me. I said, " wait till we roll in there, you will see ".

Now that I think about it, there are a lot more stories that I could share but, you would not believe them. Do yourself a favor, book yourself a ride and meet some charachters that you will not believe exist and that you will remember for a life-time.

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