Thursday, December 07, 2006

Off to Alabama

Well, in about 8 hours, I am jumping on a Greyhound and going to Alabama. If everything goes well, I will get to birmingham in 12 hours. There are a few "waits" at bus stations in Louisville and Nashville.

I have made this trip once before and we were stuck in Louisville for quite awhile because of all the people wanting to be on the bus. It was quite interesting being at the bus station in Louisvilee for 5 hours .. especially when the 1 - 3 am time frame when people wanted to be out of the station.

When I return ( picking up a car ), I believe that I will have a few great stories to share about the trip. In a sense, I am not looking forward to the trip ... but there are two things that will be nice:

One, to see a few people from down there. I absolutely loved my three years down there and miss numerous of them. I am not sure if I will see them though - Hoover High School is getting ready this weekend to play in their 7th straight state championship ( football ).

Secondly, I find these bus trips and then a long drive back home a great time to clear the mind, think, and brainstorm and dream about the ministry that is occurring.

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