Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve: Candlelight

It has been 4 days since I have posted and it will probably be a week before I make another post ( the holiday season ). Today has been a long day and it is not yey over.

Recently, three weeks agod, we moved to three worship services: 8:15, 9:45 and 11:00 am. So, today ( being Christmas Eve ), we had all three of those services and are having two christmas eve - candlelight - services.

I just came home from the first service and it was fantastic. I absolutely love seeing 450+ individuals from the craddle to 90+ worshipping together - especially on such a special evening.

I absolutely love lighting the candle and passing the light. The symbolism is so strong from the first candles being lit from the Christ candle and each of us passing the light.

Tonight, we are going to rest / relax / eat / make cookies and .... I will then help tuck the kidios to bed and then head off to the 11 pm service. The late service is the one that I really love.

There is just something special about walking out of the church at midnight - knowing that it is 'Christmas Day'. I hope and pray that all of you have a great Christmas.

For us, we are at home for two days with my wife's parents and then we are off to WV for a few days to be with my parents. Then we are back on Saturday.

God Bless You.