Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sudan: Reason U.S. Stays Away

The picture makes me sick. Genocide is occurring everywhere in the country.

WARNING: This is going to be very opionionated and I am going to throw out a very undocumental theory. To me, it is a hypothesis that I would love to be explored.

We as a country are borrowing HUGE AMOUNTS of money from China. One of the unknown aspects ( in my opinion ) is that China is a major player in Sudan. How much of a one is SURPRISING.

Sudan began exporting crude oil in 1999. Guess What ?? Sudan sends 2/3 of its oil to China. Thus, the country of Sudan receives 3+ BILLION dollar a year from China .. that is HUGE $$ for that country.

China does not want ANY sanctions on Sudan. China receives about 5% of its oil from that country.

So, is there a connection ? Our (U.S.) hands are tied to China .. China holds Sudan in high regards. Thus, my question is the following:

Are we not going into Sudan because of our $$ dependance on China ?

Am I off my rocker ?


lauren said...

hmmm... my brother would say you're not off your rocker. he wouldn't register for anything made in china when he got married, and refuses to buy anything made there. not an easy task.

Grace said...