Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Belly-Flop

Yesterday, we went to the pool. The boys were excited to having the freedom of going off the diving board and jumped at the chance to go off the high dive. They never had gone off the high dive.

Jacob went first and jumped off. Isaiah went up and dove off. He did very good diving off. HOWEVER, he messed up once. He did a belly-flop. The oohhhh, the aaahhhhs and the OUCH !!!!! rang from the crowd.

Here is a pic of the incident ... well the pic of him up and then the redness after. We did not get the flop or any of his perfect dives.

Isaiah on the High Dive

Isaiah After the Flop


Anonymous said...

ouch..That's not the way to develop the 6-pack of he's not feeling the after affects today

Dreaming again said...

Ohhhh poor baby!

My kids do belly flops on purpose. I swear it's because they've never had an accidental one that does this!

Jeff Greathouse said...

He is doing fine. He was up and moving around. We ( Isaiah & me ) went to Cleveland today for the Indians vs. Royals