Thursday, August 30, 2007

They Are Not AGAINST Christianity

Brittany and her mom need to learn to follow the rules or get out of their school district. The school is not against Christianity and your daughter is not being punished because she is wearing "christian t-shirts". She is getting punished because she is breaking school rules and you as a mom are not doing a thing about it. GET OVER IT.

These things upset me .. here is the story. I will let you read.

The mother of a student who was suspended for violating her school system's dress code says the rules unfairly target religion, WRTV in Indianapolis reported.

Tracy Prochnow said Highland High School in Indiana suspended her daughter, Brittany Brown, on Monday because the junior wore a Christian-themed T-shirt.

Monday was the fourth time Brittany violated the code, which the city's school board implemented this year and requires students to wear khakis and polo shirts.

Prochnow said the school may be violating her daughter's rights, and she has asked the school board to change the code.

"I don't believe it matters what she's wearing -- whether it be a T-shirt and jeans or polo and khakis -- as to what she's going to learn," Prochnow told WRTV.

The front of Brittany's T-shirt features a cross and the words "This Shirt Is Illegal In 51 Countries." The back quotes the Bible's Romans 1:16: "I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God ... the salvation of everyone who believes."

"The school is basically saying I can't wear a shirt that talks about Jesus or Christ or God or any religious type of T-shirt because we have to wear a polo," Brittany said.

The school's principal, Mark Finger, said the dress code doesn't target religious beliefs.

"The policy states there are to be no logos or slogans on a shirt," Finger said.

A city council member, Ollie Dixon, said he would work to change the policy. It wasn't clear what changes he would favor.


On the bold .. no Brittany, you are breaking the polo rule ...


Becca said...

Well this is a school in my town, and the principal, Mark Finger, goes to my church. He's a good guy, by the way.

It is really beyond me how someone can think they are personally being discriminated against when no one can wear shirts with any kind of logo. Just a total lack of common sense. The kids in my youth group seem to be adapting fine to the new dress code, and seem to be embarrassed that people like Brittany bring negative press to their school.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother. This would be why I'm a total fan of uniforms, much to my students' dismay. It sounds like that school is trying to have the same benefits as uniforms without limiting the students as much as an actual uniform does. Brittany and her mother should remember what Twain said about keeping quiet. With all their complaining, they have pretty much removed any doubt as to their level of intelligence. And on top of that, I have a feeling they just might be embarrassing Jesus and those of us with intelligence and faith.

Sara Orange

Jeff Greathouse said...


I knew there had to be someone out there who could give some more insight and connections. I just reported the story and my initial comment that it was a t-shirt that caused the prob - not what it said.


I am not sure if I am convinced on the uniforms yet; but stories like this is why numerous individuals are turned away from "christianity". Note: they are not turned away from Jesus or spirituallity.

that is another post ...

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the " this shirt is illegal in 51 countries" what is illegal, the shirt or the christianity? I can't find where this comes from? It doesn't really sound like a "nice" little " I'm loved by Jesus" T-shirt, it sounds like it has an agenda behind it. Can anyone tell me about where and what the shirt is really about??? Someone on a blog, said " in 51 countries it is illegal to say Jesus is God" is where they got their info??