Saturday, August 04, 2007

755 !

Bonds hit number 755 about 5 minutes ago. I was sitting in the chair next to the tv doing reading while the game was on. I placed the book down to watch the abat from him and B O O M.

Congrats Bonds. I know there are a lot that did not want to see you do it. What a joy though as a dad to have your son waiting at home plate. Maybe since it is still early in the game, you can hit # 756 tonight and everyone can leave you alone.

BTW, loved your reaction Commish.

BTW, this does NOT take away from Aaron and his career and what he accomplished. Aaron was a great player and has much to celebrate about his playing days.

Here is the swing that tied history ...

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Dreaming again said...

I totally agree with you!!

Somehow, I just can't see the players that held the records for so long sitting back saying "ACK!! Don't BREAK MY RECORD!"

But rather, cheering on the next generation, to go better, be faster, stronger and to hit the ball more ... to continue to stretch the limits and the records of the game (regardless of the sport)

Part of the glory of sports is to have records broken. If that were not the case ... then why bother to continue to compete?