Friday, August 03, 2007

Little Bit of Everything ...

This post is going to cover a multitude of things and they will be completely random. It has been a very odd 24+ hours.

1. Last night, we got locked out of our house. We were eating outside and I went in to begin clean up and the door was shut. I knew this was trouble. One of our kids who shall remain nameless shut the door and "forgot" that by doing this - locks the door. All of our keys and cell phones were inside. After debating about breaking windows, we settled on a locksmith and it cost us dearly.

2. My wife and kids went to grandma and papa's house this afternoon. On the way there , the front left tire went "kaboom". After she called me, I tried to get a number of tow companies to go out and resuce her - but they would only take cash - so that was a no go. My sis and bil came and bailed her out. THANKS. So, tomorrow new tires are gonna be ordered.

3. It was total CHAOS trying to get Stacey's meds filled today. It took 2 1/2 + hours of run around and it ended with a call to drug store near my parents house. I will not even try to explaine what occurred. THE BAD PART was after sitting in STORE # 1 for 90 minutes, they came over and said, " ohhhh, we do not have this strength, we will not be able to fill it. " Ummmm, and you could not figure that out before 90 mins ?? And, I will not even explaine store 2 ... enough of that

4. 2 new books are on my reading list and in my hands. They are the following: Confessions of a Reformission Rev AND They Like Jesus But Not The Church.

5. I have no idea about this milk commerical below but here it is .. very odd, maybe pointless but ...

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