Wednesday, August 22, 2007

School Time

My wonderful wife did a fantastic job again capturing the memories of our children and important days in their lives. I grabbed one of her pics to put up on my blog. Isaiah and Jacob began 3rd grade today.

This is the first time in their schooling career that we were able to walk to school. It was nice to get up, walk over to the school and drop them off and then to walk to the church.

I do have to admit, especially since my wife caught me, after I dropped them off at school; I passed the church and walked to Seattle's. I grabbed me an iced mocha mudslide with a splash of peanut butter and whipped cream on top (to go) and then waled back to the church. Hey, I had to celebrate their accomplishment :)

School starts very late here ....


Dreaming again said...

We used to start after labor day. When I moved to Oklahoma, we started around the 20th of August, I thought it was absurd.

This year, my sons started on August 9th ... That, was REALLY absurd ... Next thing we know, Summer vacation will be from March to June ....

Jeff Greathouse said...

It is about 2-3 weeks later than when we were in Alabama and a week later thand Indiana.

HOWEVER, I was referring to time (which I did not state).

School does not start till 9 am. !!