Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bethany & The Docs

Bethany went to the specialist today for her brace. She (for those who do not know) has scoliosis. It is pretty severe - her curvage is 41%. HOWEVER, we caught it early and we are in the Cleveland Clinic Hospital setting; so we are comfortable with the care.

She most likely will have to wear the brace 16-20 hours aday. This will be for many, many years to come. At the present time; she seems to be a real trooper. We will take our first step on September 12th when we pick up the brace. I put a few of the pics up from the docs.

Bethany & Me

Doc Preparing Bethany for the Body Mold

Mom Cleaning up the Paste


Dreaming again said...

I was looking at the clinics services so I could tell you more of what we might be needing ... it's overwhelming from this distance.

Is she in a pediatric setting, or just a scoliosis clinic?

Hers is 41% ? Wow ... I've never been told what the degree of Don's is, but ... in comparison ... he's about bent in half ... and if she's 41% then his is far worse percentage than I'm guessing. (although, I can see hers)

I will try to look tomorrow to find out more. I was looking today when I found out about my friends son. Kind of distracted me.

Bethany, is definitely ...a joy!

Patti said...

She's a doll-baby! I love her attitude and spirit, and I think the pic of Bethany and Daddy is priceless.

Kent said...

Jeff, I am just so glad that you are now in a place that can give your family the care it needs and it just saddens me how you where let down here. God bless you and your family and tell them all hi.

Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks for the payers and following our drama. I will see what information we can find out.


Thanks. She is a doll and her spirit is unbelievable.


We are still sad that we had to leavc now. HOWEVER, there is no doubt that we are where we want and need to be and we will be in a place where they will get healthy.

BTW, I read Bethany the comment on the other blog and she said, "well, I need to make him a pic and send it to him.

Trev Diesel said...

I really had no idea. We'll be praying for her! Hope everything goes as well as it can.

I also echo Kent that I'm glad you're being taken care of financially with this.

Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks for the prayers. They are greatly appreciated. We will keep updates coming.