Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Record Is His

Tonight, almost at midnight, Bonds hit 756 and goes in the book as the all time home run king. I placed a pic of him hugging his son at home plate. To me, that was the special part of "the chase"; seeing his family there supporting him.

Isaiah and Jacob were watching Disney but they wanted to see Bonds at bat. So, each of the 3x that he came to the plate; they came in an watched the abat. They were able to witness history.

The question is will they see it again, will they have to wait another 33 years. Most people think A-Rod lurking in the background will eclipse it in about 6-7 years. We shall see.

Once again, congrats Bonds.

I thought the tribute from Aaron was great and Bonds giving thanks was very appropriate. I am glad that I got to see it.

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