Friday, August 24, 2007

Go Woo !!!

Wooster had their home opener tonight in football. It was a very good game. However, Wooster came on the short side of the stick. They lost 40-37 in 4 OVERTIMES. They had opportunities to win in regulations and overtime; but they blew some plays and the coach made some bad decisions (in my opinion).

However, it was fun to be there with boys and sit with Ron and see some of the students play in the band.

I do not think this will be any "insider" secrets - not that anyone would find and read it anyway; but I think you could blow Wooster away if you have a good qb / wr and go deep. Our DB's look a little out-matched.

Alright, we are 0-1; let's see if we can turn it around. Since I am new to the area and do not know much about the competition; I will say that we will go 4 and 6.

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