Friday, July 20, 2007

We Are Home !

It is 4:45, we are home. A 12-hour day. A drive up to the clinic ( about an 1 hr. 15 mins ) and then her procedure / recovery and the drive back.

She is doing great. A little tired, a little drugged, a little off-balanced but doing well. They had to put in another seton - not what she wanted. But in the end, I believe it will be best for her.

I have got to tell you, the waiting at the Clevland Clinic is UNBELIEVABLE ( in a fantastic way ).

They give each family a code and you can watch these boards ( like the airport for arrival / departures ). By looking at the board, you can tell when the patient checked in, when they went to the pre-op room, when they enter operation, when they went to recovery and when they went back to their room.

They also give you a vibrating pager ( like you get at the restaurant ). They page you when they have updates. It vibrates and you go to the front desk if you want the update.

So, I got updates for the following items:

- when she went from the anest to the op room
- when the op began
- when the op was done
- when the surgeon was free to speak to me
- when she was moved to her recovery room

Every single person was extremely friendly and helpful. We also had a family surgery day briefing. They explained everything that was going to occur. They informed us on the boards, the pager system and where to go for any help.

Another nice thing was in the hospital, they have subway, starbucks, mc d's among other restautrants and cafe's and a regular cafeteria.

More later. Thanks for the prayers.


Kent said...

glad to here she is doing good you will be in my prayers. don't let luke know about the subway he will be wanting to go to the hospital

Jeff Greathouse said...

I did think of him when I saw it and when I ate my sub from there.