Monday, July 09, 2007

Fans Faces

I saw this photo and had to post it. I am not posting it because of the catch. Travis did make a good catch, BUT, I am doing it because of the fans reactions. Look at how different the 5 prominent faces in the crowd are reacting:

Fans react as they watch Texas Rangers third baseman Travis Metcalf run into a rail while catching a foul popup by Baltimore Orioles' Jay Payton in the second inning of a baseball game in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, July 8, 2007. The Rangers won 2-1.

Back to the fans reactions. I think it is interesting to look at that and see how they are reacting because when we do things in everyday life, people react in different ways - sometimes each one will react in a different manner.

What if Travis could see only one of their reactions, what would he think ? Would it be different if he saw a different persons reactions ?

I think it would mean a great deal. There is a youth ministry lesson here. Do you see what it is and what does it mean to you ?

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