Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Steeler Fans

Are there any Steeler fans out there that are close to me or the Pittsburgh area that would be interested in going to the Steelers game versus the Ravens ??

The game is at Heinz field and it is MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL !!!

I am thinking about seeing if I can grab some nose bleed endzone tickets but I don't think that I wanna do the game by myself. The game is November 5th.

If interested, message me or comment here.


Kenomel said...

Hey Jeff,

Stop by anytime. Very glad to hear from you. I've been reading your blogs as well to see how you guys are doing. You are in our prayers in your new endeavor and we miss you.


Anonymous said...

your brother lives about 30 mins south of Pittsburgh and would be more than happy to go

Jeff Greathouse said...

is this is my brother ?

is this my parents ?

is this my sister ?

is this my sister-in-law ?

is this a friend of my brother ?

would my brother prefer the ravens or the dolphis ?

i think my schedule is defintely better for the 5th and ravens

Anonymous said...

your brother i would say the ravens

Anonymous said...

Jeff i would gladly go with you after all you need to spend time with your lil sis