Thursday, July 05, 2007

4 Words in Ministry

As I have been working on my mind for the new ministry, I have been trying to wrap my hands around key words and concepts. Recently, I heard a speaker that summed up some of my thoughts and how I have approached ministry. Here are the four words: vision, passion, discipline, and risk.


I believe that it is vital to have a vision for the ministry. I do not think that you will reach your full potential if you do not have a vision. I also do not think that you will truly know what to do if you do not have a vision. How do you plan and implent if you do not know what the "end" will look like.

Thus, over the next few weeks and months, we will be having numerous conversations with individuals at Zion and placing a vision down for the youth and family of the church. The vision obviously will flow out of the mission of the church.


If you do not have passion, you will fade out and not accomplish the task at hand. Thus, you need to "buy into" the vision and serve out of the passion. With passion, you will be able to go through the valleys and wait with anticipation for the mountaintops around the corner.

Also, when you have passion and you are living through the vision, individuals will want to come on board. They love to see passion and they love knowing where they are going and why they are going there.

Instead of "filling" a role, they are serving to accomplish an unbelievable task.


One of the things that I believe that hurt churches and ministries is that they try to do too much "stuff". We need discipline in our ministries. I think that the easiest way to have discipline is for you to funnel everything through your vision and mission of the ministry.

This takes discipline. When you are brainstorming about ministry opportunities, you must have the discipline to ask the following questions: Does this ministry assist us in helping us achieve our vision and will we have enough people passionate about the ministry to make it a success.


Without Risk, ministry will not go far. However, you do not want to be reckless. BUT, if you have a vision, you are passionate and you are a student of discipline, you will have the power to take risk when they are under the umbrella of your vision.

My Dreams ....

It is my dream as I begin the ministry at Zion that we will grab a hold of a vision and that we will be passionate about the ministry. We, as a ministry, will be disciplined in what we are doing and that we will be willing to take risks.

I am looking forward to the ministry and grabbing a hold of these 4 words.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you - and look forward to helping make it happen!

Angie said...

you are killing me, you know that? i'm stuck between two struggling churches with no youth ministry on any front and here you go being all youth minister of the year...i'm like 15 hours from you! i can't commute man! quit making me want to move to ohio...i don't like the cold...

Jeff Greathouse said...

it is a little cold but you would love the town .. of course it is not cold now .. it is 94 and sunny