Saturday, July 14, 2007

Housing in the U.S.

Tonight, I watched two episodes of America Has Talent (think that is the name) while doing some reading and reflecting. The show was a nice break from some deep thoughts that I have / was contemplating.

I came across a quote today that has me shaking my head.

Here is the statistic:

10 million
number of Americans with two or more homes
Number of Homeless Americans

I really do not know what to say about this statistic. It just jumped out at me.

What should we do about this ? Or should we just lay it at the feet of the homeless and tell them " suck it up - get out of the situation ".

Somehow, I do not see that is what God wants us to do. Maybe, just maybe, we as churches and christian communities to look at this from a broader standpoint. I think that I can guarantee one thing: it may cause a little hardship, we may have to give up so conviences and we may have to give up some of our tous and giving up toys can hurt.

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