Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Wonderful Saturday

Today was a great day. Isaiah and Bethany finally woke me up at about 8 am. I finnaly obliged because the couch was getting to me. The kids and myself had our campout on Friday night.

After I awoke, Bethany and myself ent over to the store to grab some donuts and the paper. We made our way back over the house where all of us ate the donuts and I had a nice cup of coffee and read the paper.

We then played card games for about an hour. We played Uno and Rack-O. Bethany was the queen today; she played very well and won most of the games. It was lunch time and a little bit of fb time on the tv. The games were a little zzzzzzzz so the boys and I went out to Freelander where we played basketball then walked the disc golf course through the woods.

We returned home and I watched the 1st half of the Illini / Ohio State game. Poor Ohio State .... they went down. I would have liked to see the victory myself but we had an important date on our calendar.

Isaiah had his first Upward Basketball game of the year and I am the assistant coach. Our team is the Oklahoma Sooners. We have a great group of boys. We are a "younger" team with mostly 3rd graders (3 & 4 grade team). The boys played tough but they came out on the losing end 22-14. Isaiah did get a little frustrated in one segment of the game when he got called for a traveling.

After the game, we came home and relaxed. I kinda hid myself in our room watching football switching back and forth a little. The main game that I watched was the Florida vs. South Carolina game. The Gators rooled. Look at Tebow's numbers:

Passing: 22 for 32 for 302 yards and 2 TD's
Rushing: 26 carries for 121 yards and 5 TD's

Unbelievable. I had the opportunity to see him play one game in high school. He came to The Met to play Hoover U ... ummm, I mean Hoover High School. The crowd rooted against him but at the same time had signs ... TeBow, please come to Alabama.

Obviously, it did not happen.

The wife is asleep. Jacob and Bethany is a sleep and Isaiah who can stay up late and get up early is watching ... just one last show. During the week, they don't watch tv but during the weekend; they do and enjoy it.

I am about to wind it down. I watch Hawaii play the 1st quarter since I have not seen them this year. Caught up with a few blogs and now it is time to get in bed and watch a few minutes of the game before hitting power off.

I hope that you had a good Saturday as well.


Dreaming again said...

SOONERS????????? Say it ain't so!

Jeff Greathouse said...

Yeah, I almost resigned when I got my team name :)

They (OU) may be putting themselves into place to play for the National Championship game - a lot can still happen the next 3 weeks though.