Monday, November 19, 2007

Back from NYWC

I am back from the National Youth Workers Convention. I decided to go to the one in Atlanta, this year.

The theme this year was STORYLINE; even though I am not sure why they "choose" a theme. To me, their theme is in name only. The reason for that is the general sessions and the seminars are not "based" on the theme. But, I do like the meaning behind the storyline concept.

I flew out on Thursday morning and I flew back in today. I have been in for about three hours. I have had the opportunity to read a few individuals blogs that were at the convention and decided to begin the process of blogging about the convention, my experience and thoughts about what occurred and happened.

Thus, over the next few days, before Thanksgiving hits, my posts will be centered around NYWC and labeled as such :)

Overall, I really enjoyed the conventions. I will blog about some of the general sessions, the seminars that I attended, the fellowship times that I had and individuals who I connected with.

From the start, I do have to admit it was great to see my friend Ang. She absolutely rocks and was a HUGE ASSET for our ministry at Discovery. One of her passions is interpreting for the deaf community. There were a few from the community who attended NYWC (which I think is GREAT). Anyhow, she had the opportunity to interpret for The Skit Guys and Family Force 5 among others. It is great to see her passion and love shine through as she does it. Here is a pic of her and FF 5 show:

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Marianne said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time! Hope that you have a great Thanksgiving.