Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NYWC: Atlanta - Saturday

Saturday may have been my favorite day of the convention. Now, I know that it was my favorite day this year. I mean it may have been my favorite day of all the years that I have gone (9 years) I believe.

The morning started out with a great seminar called: Creating a Rhythm of Life With God by Mike King. In the future, I will definitely epound on why this seminar was so great. I am more and more intriguide about the "rules of life" or "rhythm of life".

After class, I went to the next general session. This was the session that I was waiting for. The entertainment was The Skit guys, they always make me laugh. Worship was led by The chris Tomblin Band and the message was delivered by Phyliss Tickle. She did an UNBELIEVABLE job. Do yourself a favor and find the DVD. She did a great job explaining "the new reformation" that we are in.

After the session, we went over to Jock & Jill's with one of our former volunteers. We had lunch while we watched the first half of the Michigan / Ohio State game. We had some "beauty queens" behind us with "their cheerleading daughters" rooting at the Georgia/Kentucky game on the next TV.

After lunch, I went to the next seminar (super seminar - 2 1/2 hours). This seminar was fantastic. It was called: Story, Signs & Sacred Rhythms: Narrative Approach to Nurturing Students I took notes after notes after notes on this class. It was packed with information. I am looking forward to processing all the info from this class.

We then had a bite to eat from the food court and went to the next general session. The general session included the concert by Family Force 5. The worship was led once again by the Tomblin Band and then Louie Giglio got up and spoke. I heard about 75% of this message before (at Big Stuf). It had the theme of HOPE. I think that message is very vital and can be very vital to those in ministry. I am sure there were many wounded ministry workers that needed to grasp a hold of the message. I know it did a lot for me in June when I heard it and was in time of transition.

Afterwards, we stayed and watched Rob Bell's newest video (Name). Afterwards, we made the walk back to the hotel - in time - to see the last quarter of the WVU / Cincy game.

A great day for sure .....


Becca said...

I can't believe we were both in Mike King's seminar! I came late and left early because I wasn't feeling well, besides the fact that most of it he had discussed in our CCC, but wow.

I adored Phyllis Tickle's presentation, and the part that really got me was how she ended by saying we will all have different views, but to remember that we are all trying to follow Jesus and to work together to that end.

I had also heard Lou Giglio's talk, at Ichthus. What he said didn't effect me as much as Tomlin's worship set after that -- you kind of know the pain I've been going through lately, and it was very healing. I had a great discussion afterwards with the friends I was with.

And I wanted to go to the narrative workshop, but decided to stay with my friends and go to the conflict one...which honestly wasn't very helpful. I would love to see your notes on your session.

I know this is a long comment, but I just want to add how comforting, refreshing, encouraging it was to find these leaders in faith (Mike and Marko) who are Emergent. I adore Craig's Shalom Church, but really struggle with the fact that it's the only place I feel comfortable expressing my beliefs. Although I don't think I'll be in youth ministry much longer, I can't even express how this conference touched me.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Glad to hear from you. I will make a post on Tuesday about the class. I have a bunch of notes. hopefully, they will be helpful for you.

We were in there together (King) for awhile. i have learned 2 things about workshops:

1. Do not attend a workshop by someone that you went to their CCC

2. Do not go to a seminar from an author who wrote a book that you read and he is speaking on that topic.