Monday, November 26, 2007

Hot Under The Collar

I got a little "hot under the collar" today. I usually try to remain cool and calm but I might have "lost" it a little bit today. I also broke a "Jeff Rule". The Jeff Rule is not to answer an email that you disagree with right away. But, I did not do that today. I "fired" a reply to all after about 10 seconds after reading it. I should have went and picked up the boys and then answered ( I was leaving to pick them up in 5 minutes ).

Here is the deal. I spent the morning listening to the program on ending poverty in Wayne County. With the program, came the statistics. We have a lot of families struggling. No need to go into details. I hear from agencies in the county that are struggling to make ends meet and they need volunteers, coaches, mentors and people to care about people. I then have a conversation and find out that the Pregnancy Center in town is in need of supplies and the list goes on with other agencies in town and our community.

In the midst of that I was taking care of some of the administrative items I do on Monday and met with a volunteer from our church regarding Children's Church and an email comes across my desk.

It is an email regarding The Golden Compass. *sigh*

The email is from a fellow youth minister in town. He is encouraging me to make announcements in youth and have the senior pastor make an announcement from the pulip to SKIP THE MOVIE - it is evil and they are tring to kill off God (more of what it is really about later). He then wants all of us to contact our local movie theater and have us convince them to BLOCK THE MOVIE. *sigh*

So, I quickly fired off an email. I was nice and apologized if I offended. But, I did state that I would not make announcements. I would not try to block the movie. I told them that I probably would even take a group to go see the movie and then hang out at a coffee shop and talk about the movie.

Friends, we have alot more important things to worry about than banning a movie. Heck, the movie may even be a message that we need to hear. Once again, more on that later. We have people around us that are hurting and they need us. We must help make change occur. We must show them the love of Christ. We must be his hands and feet. Maybe, I am wrong. Maybe I should be more concerned about "banning a movie" but right now; I am not in that place.

If you want me to come and mentor a kid. If you want me to come and help at the food bank. If you want me to go and purchase some clothes for those in need .... (list can go on) then shoot me an email. I will carve time in my life for that.

I am going to be doing some posting now on The Golden Compass and the "trilogy" His Dark Materials. It will have to do with the books, the movies, conversations and my reviews. I will also share some of the discussions that I have about the movie with my students. What amazes me is that this book has been around for over 12 years. The series has sold over 12 million copies and now ... we (Christians) are getting the books banned *scratches head*

I am also going to be posting on both sides of the issues. I will dwell in the world of "fox news" (he he he) I Report ... You Decide


happyjoebennett said...

I am really glad to see a post like this. I have received so many of those emails and it really bothers me. Thanks.

Richard Hawkins said...

I can only agree with you on all issues here, but what I want pick up on is the number of times I have fired a reply email in anger!! I have learnt, like you to hold back, and how anoying when everything comes against you to make you forget!

That said, we do pussy foot now days, PC movement, the age of tolerance, I think Jesus and Paul fired of a few emails in anger in there day (or equivelent!!)

"12I wish the people who are bothering you would castrate themselves!" Galatians 5:12


Anonymous said...

Jeff you are a breath of fresh air in this world of christians.
I respect you a little more everyday! Thank you for standing up for freedom of thought and the work of God!
Love you man...
Sue...your mother-in-law

Jeff Greathouse said...


It is amazing how many emails that I am receiving.


Sometimes, it may be best to do it w/o the filter. But I try to follow this advice:

slow to speak
quick to listen
slow to anger


Thanks. It has been a long journey for me the last 15 years.

Lori said...

I stumbled onto your blog, and loved what you have to on this issue. It reminds me of the reaction to Harry Potter. And I fully understand popping off a reply when angry, I do this all the time when I get "forwarded" messages telling me I NEED to do something. I'm just rebellious enough to do the opposite;-)

Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks for the words. Feel free to stop by anytime.

Yup, it was not too long ago that we were trying to put a stop to HP .. you know, we will ll try to tap into the magic said...

I have been thinking about this kind of stuff a lot too. We spend a lot of time as Christians banning things and speaking against things but why are we expecting non-Christians to propogate truth? It shouldn't surprise us that a non-Christian would make a movie about killing God, if it were not for God's grace we might be doing the same thing. If God hadn't intervened in my life, I would be without hope and living in darkness too. 1 Corinthians tells us that the natural man cannot understand the things of God and they are foolish to him because they are spiritually discerned. Without a relationship with God and the illuminating of the Holy Spirit, the things of God can seem as foolishness.

Shouldn't we be more concerned with looking for practical ways to show God's love than finding things to ban?? Could be why so many think of us as haters and bigots rather than a friend of sinners like Jesus was. Good stuff man.

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