Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NYWC: Atlanta - Friday Afternoon / Evening

The afternoon "kicked-off" the convention. It opened up with the General Session. They always have some "lite" stuff to open it up (the session). The comedy is always a good way to smile, laugh and lighten yourself up a little.

The General Session was opened with the Desperation Band leading worship. I think that they did a fantastic job in leading us in worship. The concert was by Flatfoot 56 and I think the crowd overall enjoyed them. The opening session was delivered by Andy Stanley. I think that his message was very important. His message was on power. He was stressing that we need to be thinking of what we will do when we are the most powerful person in the room.

I have to admit, I tend to shy away from those moments and "deflect" the attention away from me. But, at times, I know that i am the "most powerful person" in the room. It may be when I am speaking, it may be when I am leading an exercise, it may be when someone is looking for me to make the decision or as will be the case in a few minutes; it may be when a teen cmes to me seeking advice.

So, what do you do with power ? As Andy pointed out, we need to look at Jesus. When He had the power, what did he do ? He served. He took off his outer-garnments and washed His disciples feet. The power MUST be underneath. We can not have over-the-top power. It may be tough, but we need to serve.

After the main session, I went to a seminar that I knew that I would "struggle" with. The seminar was called: Party With Purpose: Evangelism in the Adolescence Party Scene It was led by Mike Flavin. He leads a ministry called Fire Escape. I am very skeptical of this type of "attraction" ministry. However, I wanted to go and try to evaluate the concept and what place (if any) it has in the church and more importantly in my context.

I think that if we "threw money" out to create the type of atmosphere that he is calling for; that we could create a great place for kids, a safe alternative and have "numbers". However, as I look at my community, I think we need to feed and cloth individuals ..... *sigh*

After the seminar, I tried to process the info as we gathered to eat in the CNN center at the food court before moving back to the convention center for the second general session. I was waiting excitingly for the session: SHANE CLAIRBORNE was speaking.

Desperation Band led us in worship again and once again, it was great time of worship. The concert was "old-school" *cough* Third Day. I think that i am actually enjoying them more the older that we (the band and I get).

Shane came up to speak and it was not what I was expecting. BUT, it was what I needed. I was looking forward to hearing about the "simple way". I was looking forward to hearing about his fantastic ministry. I was looking for insight on how i might be able to implement some of his thoughts and ideas into my life and my community. He did none of that. What he did instead was gave me Jesus.

He read the SERMON ON THE MOUNTAIN. After the first 10-15 versus, I had a sense that he was not going to give application but he was going to give us "the greatest sermon ever give". Thus, I sat back, closed my eyes and listened to the words of Jesus. I imagined that I was in the cowd and I listened for the words that God wanted me to hear. It was powerful.

Wow, what our life would be if we just listened to Jesus and follwed Him.


david sparks said...

Dude you are pretty awesome. I found your blog today and greatly appreciated your words about Shane Claiborne. I was in St Louis, but am pretty sure had I been in Atlanta I would have been pretty fired up... thanks for showing me a maturity of faith that says it is not about me.

Jeff Greathouse said...


It is great to see your name. Thanks for finding me and stopping by. You will have to give me an update sometime.