Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Are We That Dumb ?

Are we really that dumb ? The question goes out to fellow youth ministers or to individuals who "watch" youth ministers? There have been many individuals and groups who have been doing numerous studies about youth ministries and if they are successful.

One of the things that continually make me scratch my head is our complete lack of knowledge about the communities that we live in. For instance, do you know that there hve been studies done and ym's do not mention or recognize that stuctual issues affect teens ???

In one study, I fell off my chair when I read that youth ministers would consider relational youth ministry a success when we are in each others weddings. Ummm, can we please mention a few things like: improved education systems, lower crime rate, eliminating poverty, and more youth attending trade school / college.

I know that I am no where - where I need to be but c'mon.

There is much injustice in our community. We must be willing to step up and deal with it. As I mentioned, I am early into this game but it is a ourney that I (we) must be on.

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