Thursday, February 01, 2007

To Dream Again

The book that I am flipping through is the following: To Dream Again. The book is written by Robert D. Dale. The intent of the book is for us as leaders to help the church come alive.

I really enjoyed the book. matter of fact, portions of the book that I highlight will be part of a series that I am going to dwell on another one of my series writings. My first series: Success in YM is almost done.

The part of the book that I want to hightlight and share comes from pages 73 and 74 and it is entitled: Comissioned To Develop Dream Goals. Here are the strategies that he suggests:

1. Keep the Dream Public
2. Formalize Goals
3. Establish Priorities
4. State Your Goals Specifically
5. Distribute Responsibility
6. Evaluate at Regular Intervals

Turning your dreams into a reality is a process and a strategy is needed. I am going to use this as a basis for my series and some goals that are floating around in my head for ministry.

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