Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jacob: I Am Sorry !

So, I am taking 15 minutes to update my blog before I go and update the student web page and get some letters out to the students .....

I was going to put a pic up from some activities and noticed that on the Pic CD there was no pic of Jacob B-Day. So, since I am going to put one of Bee up, I thought I needed to get one of Jacob up.

So, here is Jacob hovering over some of Bee's gifts. I also am "stealing" a story from my wife's blog but I think it is appropriate to show info about Jacob ..

Jacob has always been a little "smarty-pants". If you ask him anything about dinosaurs, he could tell you anything you wanted to know from the time he was about three. When he started kindergarten and learned to read with the Accelrated Reader program that their school in AL used for everyone, he read twice as many books as any other child in his class for the entire year. Once he started taking spelling tests in first grade, he never has missed a single spelling word. He always gets A's on his report card in every subject.

A couple months ago we discovered that he had the gift of being able to spell any word that we say to him backwards without hardly blinking an eye. While this will probably serve him no purpose in life, it is very cool. Then a couple weeks ago, my mom was reading to Bee and D.K. was standing in front of her looking down at the book and started reading with my mom... so my eight-year-old was reading at a completely normal adult-reading rate upside-down. Thirty minutes ago I had a thought, so I grabbed the chapter book from his backpack and took it in the bathroom to have him read the reflection of a page from the mirror. His response was "Mommy, that's just backwards, turn it upside down." So I did! He read it without a problem. Amazing!! I couldn't even keep up with what he was reading from the upside-down and backwards reflection in the mirror!

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