Thursday, February 08, 2007

Creating an Authentic Youth Ministry

I am just beginning to go through this book. So, there are not many words of wisdom that I have pulled from the pages yet. I am in the middle of Chapter 3 entitled: A healthy youth ministry understands the positive expression of teen empowerment. this is an area that intrigues me and wonders where we should / need to draw the line and how that really plays out in the lives of the teens and the church.

The one chapter that I am really looking forward to is the next chapter. The title of the next chapter is: A healthy youth ministry understands the difference between youth activity and youth ministry. The title of that chapter reminds me of the print-out that I have on my desk which is the following:

Maintaining a Youth Group vs. Building a Student Ministry.

I think most churches, students and parents really only want youth activities or to maintain a youth group. They really do not want a ministry to occur. They hold back.

To me, maintaining a youth group or just having youth activities is really unfullfilling and it makes the lives of our students and the ministry even more complicated and bogged down.

As I look at my ministry, I am trying to figure out where we really are and what steps we need to take to move out of this mentality that I see as unhealthy.

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