Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Success Series: Question # 6

Am I playing with toys or am I worshipping Jesus ?

Before I answer that question, I just have to comment on the picture. Maybe, this is the connections - toys that represent God. If you are wanting to know what those are ... a group made them for a Marines Toy for Tots program. They initially declined them but then accepted them .. but that is not the point of the post.

I think that everywhere that I have been ( in ministry ) that I make sure that worshipping Jesus is the point and not playing with toys. Students can't play with toys anywhere and the toys that they can play with our usually greater than the toys that we have.

Also, the reason that I think that it is vital to worship Jesus over playing with toys is well ... ummm ... I think that is what God has called us to do. Besides that fact, when someone who is "outside" of the church and they wonder into our doors, they are expecting and wanting to find something different - that is why they are here.

Now, I will admit that sometimes where "toys" get in my way is when I am trying to use "toys" for a teaching moment and they completely fall apart ... toys=technology.

Media Shout is not working, our screen is down, the tv is blurry, our video card can not handle the media application and it is lost .. the point ... then ....


It is not about that. It is about our relationships with one another and us trying to Love God and Love Others.

The students alot of times are screaming for toys and more toys. More time for us to play with toys and less time about God .. because if we do this .. it will be more fun and more people will come. Then we go into a circle and we really try to decide what is success and ahhhhhh .... we come back to this series.

What is success and how are we defining it. I hope that part of our success is determind that we have a group of students who love God and are continually worshipping him in all they do and say.

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