Monday, February 12, 2007

Success Series: Question # 7

I typed church into google images and this was one of them on the first page - what a picute and setting that is ( in my opinion ).

So, this is the last question in this series and then I will move on to my " dream series ". The final question is the following: Are you devoted to the church or Jesus ?

I earnestly want to believe that my devotion is always to the church and not to the church. However, if I look hard into the mirror, that will probably not be the case. I think at times when the church pays you a check - the waters can get a little murky at times.

For me, where the "church" gets a trump over Jesus at times is in my "studying". I find myself reading / praying / contemplating / relaxing / studying and when I do this, there is a small nag in the back of my brain - what could this do to benefit the students or the church.

So, I do need to redifine my attitude and state, this is for Jesus and me. It is me making sure that He is first and not the church and it is about Him and me not Him and Me so I can help the church.

Also, I think where this can hurt a few individuals is when they get the church calendars full and busy that the church trumps Jesus.

Hopefully, I can constantly keep my eyes on Jesus and not be constantly worried about the church.

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