Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sucees Series: YM Question # 5

Question # 5: Am I speeding up or slowing down ?

The answer: I Have No Clue. At times, I feel like that I am slowing down but at times, I feel like I am speeding up and going fast forward at some unbelievable speeds. Thankfully, there are numerous times where I am able to let off of the accelerator and slow down.

There are numerous things that are on the burners and numerous things that are occurring in our ministry but yet, I am still able to take the time to slow down and be with the family and create "down time".

Also, I think that in the ministry, there is a good balance. The students have many avenues that they can participate in yet they are not burdened or pressured to be involved in most or all the activites.

This is a tough question and an issue that I am still trying to figure out. This is also a topic that I want to spend more time on later "flushing-out".

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