Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Long Walk

This morning, I went on a super-long walk. The walk was a little over 11 miles. It was great to be out this morning. The air was cool and fresh.

My mind raced over the meeting last night and I played the whole meeting back in my mind and weighed the pros and cons of the meting and tried to contemplate on what the next steps will be for us.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, so I have numerous mornings to flush the thoughts and the concepts out.

One of the great things about the walk today was that I saw a shooting star at about 6 am in the morning. It seemed to be a real long burn; not that I have watched many shooting stars.

This is day 5 of my walking to new orleans and it is going well. I am alternating in days on how much I walk. The days will vary greatly due to church and family scheduling and how I am feeling BUT I am happy with where I will be at then end of the week. For me, the week will be Sun - Sat. Thus, on Sunday's, i will give an update.

Back to the meeting last night and discussions that I have had about proposals that come down the pipeline, it is interesting to see how everyone acts / reacts to Change.

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