Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fire Bill Stewart !!!

I don't think that I have ever really said those words about a coach before. I know that I have never said them 3 games into a season with a "new" coach. However, this is just plain ridiculous.

The play calling is horrendous. The times that it is really bad is on 3rd down and short and on the 4th down call. Coach, do you and your staff not have the game stats or were you not watching the game ?

The team was having HUGE success on the perimeter. When you ran on the outside OR spread it open with the qb draw, the yardage was there. I was happy to see you run the ball. It shows great in the rush stats.

White had 146 yards
Divine had 133 yards

Their avg. were good (7.7 and 5.1). Once again, they would have been much higher if you did not run them up the middle. Yet still, you did not get them both on the outside and run the true option with those two on the perimeter. Why ??? Can someone explain it to me ???

I knew that our D may have some trouble this year, but I thought our Offense would roll and we would outscore them. Our D did look rough the first 10 mins BUT they played great the last 50 mins.

There is no way with the group of offense players that we have that we should have put up 3 points and then 14 points respectively in back-back games. NO WAY.

I am not even sure what the last two minute time management deal was. In a sense, the last 20 seconds, I could understand, you did not want them to get the ball back. HOWEVER, we should have scored or had the opportunity to score in the last two minutes.


There is not other word to describe it, unless we want to go back to last week's post: pathetic. Maybe we could add disgrace in there .... I don't know.

Sorry for the rant and the slam. This is just disappointing ... there that is another one word answer and the last.

As Jim Rome would say, "I Am Out"


Mykel said...

You don't need to fire the coach, but you do need to realize that Pat White is really not that good. Yes he is a tremendous talent but it just looks like he has not gotten better at QB. Teams leave a spy or two, use containment and force him to trow the ball...which we have seen he has trouble doing.
Looks like a long season for WVU fans...

Jeff Greathouse said...


It does not have to do with Pat White as the QB. If you give him the correct calls (system), he would be fine.

At this level (college), it may mean running/option. In a "bad" called game, he still average 7+ yards a carry. You can and will win the game.

No 'offense" to Colorado defense scheme BUT they could not stop the perimiter run - YET Coach - maybe more importantly Offense Coordinator from Wake (yawn) calls a bad game and is not sure how to use him and divine.

Maybe their "system" will work with a different qb, BUT right now, you have White (one more year), use him to his ability.

They would have won the game with better play calling tailored to them.

Once again, perimeter - speed option.

With this play calling, we will be lucky at .500