Monday, September 22, 2008

God MUST Be Clapping

I have contacted a few churches about the possibility of using their portable sound system for a day ( 8 hours ) and each church that has responded has stated that they have a portable sound system but they can loan or rent the equipment out.

To me, this is very sad that we, as churches, "hoard" possessions or we do not allow them out of our possession because something may happen OR .....

In Alabama, it was different, we (churches) shared a lot of things including equipment. I am sure that God must be up there clapping, going, " thata boy, that is what I had in mind for you "

I am going to step off of my box and go back to doing some church work and will not rant and get myself in trouble BUT it does make me sick and someway, somehow, I think that we as a Christian community should be able to help each other out more.


kathyescobar said...

hey jeff, if we were near you we'd let you use our sound system anytime you want to :) yes, we have run up against the same thing and it stinks, so not the way it should be in the body of Christ, where a spirit of generosity should abound! i have more funny stories in this area that aren't that funny but sometimes we chuckle about it just to make ourselves feel better :) we have found several times now that our nonchristian connections have offered things that you'd never imagine & they say "shouldn't other churches be doing this for you?" and we're like "um, we asked, we tried, but no, the answer was no." peace, kathy

Jeff Greathouse said...


Thanks, I will keep you in mind if we ever move out that way. I did my internship in Colorado and absolutely love it out there.

Part of the reason that I do not want to go to a business or another non-profit is the reason that yo mention. I don't want/need to give us a bad name anymore than we have.

I have been pricing some and I think that I am going to buy one and then have it known that we have it and it can be used.