Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Have You Been McCain'd

I am coining the phrase. If you hear any one else using it (highly unlikely), please make sure that you tell them that it was Jeff that coined the phase.

here is what is going on in my head this afternoon. I have been reflecting on my walks around town and how many McCain/Palin signs that I have seen around town. Obama/Biden signs are beginning to "pop-up" but McCain/Palin are definitely more prevalent.

Thus, this is what I am thinking and this is what I think may be happening in my town. I want you to tell me if you think that this could be true and what is occurring.

Do you remember when people would "flamingo" people ?

Individuals would go ahead and place flamingo's in peoples yards and then they would write notes, "you have been flamingo'd". They would normally do this for a fundraiser. They would then call you, pay you to remove them and then pay you to do it to someone else.

Well, I think that is what is occurring in my town with the McCain signs:

I think that people are going around town and sticking these signs in peoples yard w/o their approval. I think that they are going around McCain'ing people. Is it possible that there are that many people in this town who are really supporting him ? Well, if you looked at our fair, the answer may be yes .. but that is besides the point and goes against this satire post .......

Thus, the question to you is this: Have you been McCain'd ?

I really think that people are running around and placing them in the yard.

Just an observation from my walking around town, which by the way, I logged over 50,000 steps the other day.


Amy said...

You will definitely get credit for the term "McCain'd".

Since I'm a volunteer for the McCain/Palin campaign, I know that yard signs are in HOT demand. Every few minutes during the day someone stops in asking for a sign! We are completely out of McCain merch and waiting for the McCalin/Palin signs, shirts, hats, and what not to come in. Hopefully, by Friday! We did manage to snag some McCain window signs, which seemed to placate the yard sign crowd a bit.

For a whole, we just saw Obama signs around the area, now it's McCain, McCain, McCain...and the demand has increased 500% (or more) since he added Palin to the ticket.

No, it's not just your imagination or a's McCain/Palin mania.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks for the credit.

It is odd that the political talk heads are talking about the big swing to Obama this past week. I have definitely not seen it here.

Make sure you keep the signs in the closet :) We do not want to clutter the yards.

Doorman-Priest said...

Exercising mind and body? Good Man!

Jeff Greathouse said...


Yup. i am currently walking about 15 miles a day on the avg and it is great exercise of body and soul.