Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Orange .....

Orange is a secondary color, created when you combine two primary colors. Those two colors are red and yellow. Thus, Orange is what red and yellow can do when they combine efforts. When you think Orange, you see how two combined influences make a greater impact than just two influences.

On the side bar, I give an explanation of the colors. Red ( the heart )is the home and Yellow ( light of God ) is the church. What we need to do and what the driving principle of Orange is about is to combine red and yellow.

When we combine them, the impact will be greater.

However, too many times the church is so accustomed to painting bright yellow that they have a difficult time thinking Orange. Rather then synchronize their efforts, they attempt to convince parents to start painting yellow.

I know that over the years, I have led ministries that were very dominant in yellow. There are many times that I wish that I could have a "do-over". There were times that we mixed and showed a splash of orange but overall, it was painting yellow and trying to make the biggest and best yellow that we could.

Yes, we made an impact. Yes, there were many teens that came that may have never come before but our influence and impact in the long run was diminished greatly because we did not partner with the parents and we did not use their influence. Not using a parents influence is a great mistake --- their impact is much larger then ours will be.

Tomorrow, I will share the dangers of not going Orange as I work my way through Think Orange by Reggie.

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