Monday, May 11, 2009

Demonizing ....

One of the quotes that I have come to appreciate and that I try to play out in my life is the following:

We need to be careful about demonizing those who don't practice church the way we do and learn from every version of church whose mission is to lead people into a better and more authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. God is bigger than our definitions or labels, and I am sure He is not worried about how your church compares to the one down the road.

I think that we really need to take a look at this statement, examine it and apply it to our lives as individuals and as churches. I think that way too many times, we are throwing each other ( individuals and churches ) under the bus.

We, truly, do have a common purpose and vision. We are wanting people to connect to a relationship with God.

The church comes in many different flavors. Those who are outside the church shakes their heads and laughs when they see us fighting and nit-picking with one another.

It is my dream that we can partner with one another and through the partnerships; we can bring the Kingdom of God to people that need him.

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