Friday, May 22, 2009

Ending Poverty: Listening

One of the things that is occurring in our National Gathering meeting is that the students are picking up on one big word. That word is LISTENING. We need to hear the voices that come into our lives. Too often, we do not listen and ignore their voice and their stories.

We are also stressing that an important part of listening is hearing their story. Now, this post is not about our youth, our gathering preparation or what my hopes and dreams are for the 36,000 folks headed to New Orleans ....

This is about me listening to voices and stories. Poverty is an issue that is close to me and I need/want to hear individuals stories. I came across a charity video on poverty recently that "highlighted" stories. Take a listen.

37 million living in poverty in the US ..... that is 37 million too many


Mark (under construction) said...

37 million!!! wow there is a big figure and in the land of the free? That is way more than the total population of Australia!!!

Thoughts From Jeff said...

Mark, it is a big number, we hide them well though, so it is alright (sarcastic)