Monday, December 17, 2007

Bye Bye ... Rich

Hey, he can almost wear the same colors. Hope you have fun in Michigan. I can not believe he took off and how he did it. Oh well, I enjoyed your offense and the recruits that you brought in, but I think that your coaching and play calling cost us the opportunity to play in the National Championship game.


Coffeepastor said...

I would say I'm sorry for your loss, but it'd only be half-true.

It is understandable, though, how upset WVU fans are. After all, he's a Mountaineer Man, not a Michigan Man. I was wondering myself whether it was the money or the intrigue of the position that ultimately did it for him. Either way, it won't make things better between him and the people he's leaving.

Jeff Greathouse said...


Well, if I eoot for anyone in the Big Ten, it would be Michifan. Thus, I am glad in that aspect.

Maybe they (Michigan) can now beat The Ohio State.

I think it is the challenge - yo be on "top" of the Big Ten.

With him and his wie's tie to the school (WVU) it was a little shock.

Let's go 'WVU