Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Skyline & Christian Witness

I am part of a youth minister forum. One of the topics that we were discussing highlights of the convention. A lot of us were talking about the bands, the seminars, the food, the belly-dancers ( now that is a story ) but one young worker shared his Skyline experience and I must share.

Please read the following:

Our staff went to Skyline on Friday afternoon between sessions because I had been longing for Skyline since we decided to attend the Cinti conference. It was packed, and the staff was overwhelmed. (Sadly, other conventioneers decided to take this opportunity to act grumpy and somewhat juvenile by whining and being rude to the people who were working their tails off to keep up.)

When our server got to the table to take our order, we told her we hadn't even had menus yet. She apologized and told us that they didn't know there was going to be a convention in town, the dishwasher had called in, and she and her sister were the only ones waiting tables. (Her sister was supposed to have gone home 3 hours before, and she had even put her 2 teenage daughters into service with refills and ice duty.)

To make a short story boring, our Jr. High Youth Director suggested we wash dishes for a little while to help them catch up. We washed dishes for 3 hours and had an absolute blast! Yes, we missed the evening General Session, and I'm bummed that we didn't get a chance to see Donald Miller because I was really looking forward to his talk, but it was totally worth it. Here's why...

The nephew of the server was working that night, and she told us that he hadn't been to church--or had anything to do with the church--for quite some time. However, seeing us (and a few folk from another group) dive in to help out made him rethink his position on Christians. He planned to go to worship with his family last weekend because "if that's the way Christian people act, then they may not be that bad." It turns out our server was a drug addict until last year, and it was her local church that helped her on the road toward sobriety. We heard some wonderful stories and we had an incredible evening. What a gift!

A reminder that we need to be the hands and feet of Christ

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Inkling said...

That is an awesome story! After witnessing the grumpy attitudes of some, I'm sure the staff had one opinion of Christianity. But after that group served like that, I can only imagine the difference it made. How cool and totally incredible. Every little thing has the potential to make a difference for eternity, you know?